Why Taurus Décor?

For years, interior design, interior decorating and home remodelling services have been viewed as luxury service, out of reach for people who really wanted and needed the benefit of good design in their homes and offices.
 At Taurus Décor we believe home is where the heart is and everyone deserves the experience and the joy thereof. Workspaces should be motivational as well as having an energetic flow.
Our mission is to bring the beauty and value of interior design and home décor to everyone in a functional and affordable way so everyone can experience the joy.

Would you like to transform your home into a beautiful magical abode to truly enjoy and relax, or 
 transform your business workspace into the Ideal energetic motivational space?
Our hands-on team is here to provide you with fabulous creative ideas; colour choices and anything else related to the interior of your home or business.


We thrive on accomplishments for your peace of mind and happiness!

Taurus Décor & Installations offers a range of services to transform your home and workspace into the magical, motivational and energetic space to suit everyone’s needs:

Supplier and installations of all types of blinds, shutters, curtains, security shutters and more...

We thrive on accomplishments for your peace of mind and satisfaction!

We do the Impossible. You call and we Install!


Here at Taurus Decor We offer a Wide range of services.

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